Homecoming was founded in 1984 by David and Susan Schorman. Prior to Homecoming’s inception David was employed as a funeral director for 18 years at several mortuaries and cemeteries (from Illinois and Arizona).

This work experience introduced David to the columbarium industry and afforded him the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the different columbarium systems of the day. He studied how those systems functioned and the materials from which those systems were made, some of which are still manufactured today.

After determining the inherent flaws associated with the designs of those systems and with the materials used, David and Susan began working with design engineers. Their goal was to develop a columbarium system that would exceed the accepted standards for systems within the industry.

Homecoming’s Garden Niche™ is the result of their commitment to provide the industry’s best columbarium system available. Please see Our Niche page.

Today, Homecoming is proud to be the nation’s leading columbarium provider, serving over 1,300 clients nationwide. Contact the nation’s leading columbarium niche provider today.