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Homecoming is a multi-generational, family-owned, funeral-adjacent deathcare company.

Our founder, a former funeral director, established Homecoming as an industry insider. He took into account the changing landscape of deathcare to create a forward-thinking company.

Our unique columbarium designs and memorial wall systems offer affordability and space-efficiency without sacrificing lasting beauty or elegance. Our products maximize revenue and land use. Plus, our comprehensive service is unmatched in timeliness, affordability, and quality. We do things differently at Homecoming to make the establishment and ongoing care of a columbarium as easy and cost-efficient as possible.

We have two key goals here… Well, we actually have a lot of goals here, but these two are really important to us. First, we want to change the funeral industry by putting the emphasis back on the care component of “deathcare.” Second, we want to help normalize conversations about death and dying, and everything that goes with it.

It is our company mission to try to make the world a better place and that philosophy extends to our team, our clients, and our clients’ clients.

As part of our ongoing client support, we’re excited to create this space for sharing information on relevant topics. If you’re an existing Homecoming client, or considering joining the family, or you just want to learn more about deathcare, please take a look around.

Our friendly team is available to assist with your memorial garden or columbarium project without obligation. We can partner at any stage and help reduce costs during development through the life of your memorial.

Please feel free to email us about topics you would like to see covered on our blog. You can also check out our Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok pages.