Since 1984 Homecoming has been supplying columbaria for projects across the United States and we have grown to become the nation’s leading columbarium provider.  To date we serve over 1,400 clients, including churches, public and private cemeteries, retirement communities, camps and retreats.

We are a comprehensive columbarium company, offering every product and service necessary to bring your columbarium project to fruition, from on-site presentations to architectural and design services.  By popular demand, Homecoming now offers our Memorial Wall System (patent pending) to complement your columbarium project.

Our continuing service is unmatched!  Once your columbarium project is complete you can rely on Homecoming to provide you with all needed memorials. From our Completer Package (urns and engraved facing stones) to memorial wall plaques and custom dedication plaques, we can provide you with every needed memorial for your project.

Homecoming stands ready to be your trusted partner in developing your columbarium project.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss you plans.