Whether you choose our award-winning architectural services or you have an architect with whom you already work, Homecoming stands ready to assist in whatever capacity you request. If you choose to work with your architect, you can rest assured that Homecoming has the ability to collaborate with him/her on a professional level to facilitate their efforts. Further to this, we can offer insight with regard to the many different design considerations that come into play when a columbarium project is being developed.

One of the many considerations when designing a master plan will be determining the appropriate number of columbaria for your project. This will ensure there will be sufficient inurnment space for the life of the project. Decades of experience have revealed to us a correlation between the total niche count for phases as well as the total niche count for the master plan, and how these numbers directly relate to our clients’ demographics. We are happy to share this knowledge with the clients we serve to make certain the overall plan of the project will meet their needs, now and in the future.

Another design consideration will be the location and accessibility of the columbarium. Feedback from clients has revealed to us that a columbarium will become tactile. Many family members will feel the need to make physical contact with the facing stone of their loved one’s niche. This consideration can create a challenge in determining the proper location(s) of columbaria for your project.

While there are several design considerations that will apply to every project, many columbarium projects will be unique in their own way. Because of this, it is important to have a partner that has the breadth and depth of knowledge to meet all of the unique challenges that may be encountered during this phase of your columbarium project.

Please contact us to discuss questions about the design process for your project.