Beyond providing our innovative memorial wall system, Homecoming offers an unrivaled continuing service relationship to provide engraved memorial plaques, as needed. From our inception, we have been committed to offering the most comprehensive level of customer service to all of the clients we serve.We are dedicated to offering every product and service to meet your memorial wall needs.  From our memorial wall plaques to dedication plaques and all other memorial needs, Homecoming truly will be your complete memorialization company.

Homecoming’s Memorial Wall PlaquesMemorial Wall System

Our Memorial Wall Plaque service satisfies your memorial needs by providing memorials in a timely and professional manner.

Homecoming is proud to offer our unrivaled continuing service relationship to every client we serve. Although this is anoptional service, 100% of our clients choose to take advantage of it. By doing so, both family and clients benefit:

  • Most cost-effective method
  • Most time-efficient process

Taking advantage of our continuing service eliminates excessive outsourcing to meet your memorialization needs, which necessarily increases costs. With our method you will not be required to remove the blank stone and drive it to a local engraver (as well as pick it up after it is engraved).

By offering all these services in-house, Homecoming has simplified the process for you.

Most time-efficient process

We have made the ordering process easy and trouble-free.  When it is time to order a Memorial Wall Plaque, you will simply fax or email the provided order form for the decedent to us. Upon receipt of your order, our memorialization team (75 years of combined experience) will begin working immediately to create the memorial using the granite inventory that has been set aside for your specific project.

There is no need to mail us the blank memorial wall plaque from the memorial wall system at the time of placing your order.  This process will create an unnecessary delay by requiring Homecoming to wait for the arrival of the blank memorial wall plaque before we can create the memorial. Our process ensures that the memorial will arrive in a timely fashion.

Orders received in our production facility prior to 11:00 am Arizona time will be shipped on the same day. Your order will be shipped to your location so that it is received within 3-4 days of the date ordered. Please inquire about next day service to meet special requests.

Our Memorial Wall engraving options

There are two (2) different ways that you can market our Memorial Wall System. Utilizing these two different options will maximize all potential wall plaque space, helping you reach full revenue potential.  They are as follows:


This option is offered to those who wish to memorialize a single loved one.  The vast majority of those purchasing wall plaques will chose to memorialize one individual on that plaque. This single format is chosen 75% of the time.

Single Format

Memorial Wall System Plaque


This option is purchased for a husband and wife.  Companion plaques account for approximately 25% of our continuing service wall plaque orders.

Typically, the surviving spouse’s name is not memorialized until their passing, unless they choose.  If so, we will engrave the name and birth year (if desired) of the surviving spouse.

When satisfying the second engraving for a Companion wall plaque, Homecoming will create an entirely new memorial to replace the existing memorial (which only has information for the first decedent).

Companion Format