Families have clear expectations when they choose to inurn a loved one’s remains within a columbarium.  They rightfully expect the columbarium to provide permanent and safe repose for generations to come. This was the driving force for Homecoming to develop the Garden Niche™. The task of our founder: “Develop a niche system in which I would feel confident to place my loved one’s remains.”

Homecoming is committed to offering the best niche available within the industry. Through the innovative use of today’s technology, materials and methods, Homecoming has created the most technologically Columbarium Niche Manufactureradvanced cremation niche available (patent #5,287,603 – with 22 approved claims).

Our Garden Niche™ is made of an engineered ABS plastic resin (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene copolymer) that is 20% glass-filled. This material possesses a diverse combination of properties, making it the best choice for creating the strongest, most durable columbarium niche available.

As a result, our niche exceeds standards in:

  • Strength
  • Privacy
  • Space-efficiency
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Design Freedom
  • Element Resistance


Our columbarium niche is made of engineered, injection-molded ABS plastic resin that is 20% glass-filled (most stable available). It is designed to exceed every expectation asked of it.  This material outperforms all other materials used to fabricate columbaria today.

The flexural strength of this material compares favorably to other materials used for manufacturing columbaria.  For added strength, each exterior niche wall has two (2) structural ribs.  These ribs, or ligaments, act as contact points when being molecularly welded to other niches (to create the columbarium) and allow the niches to be aligned within .005” per connection.  This ensures that the niches in every columbarium will maintain perfect alignment.

The combination of the material used to create the niche and overall design of the niche affords our clients the strongest, most durable niche in the industry.


Privacy is paramount in maintaining a dignified memorial. For this reason, each Garden Niche has its own facing stone ensuring that only the intended niche is exposed during the committal.

Homecoming’s individual niche facing stones, unlike multiple-niche facing stones (several niches covered by one stone), guarantee privacy during the committal service. With our single niche facing stone, neighboring niches are not disturbed and more importantly, our single niche facing stone ensures that neighboring memorials are not removed during committal (an all too-often heard complaint).


Space-efficiency is one of the most common concerns when developing a columbarium project, as most projects will require continued expansion over the coming decades.

Homecoming’s columbarium niche is the most space-efficient cremation niche available, while accommodating 2 industry-standard urns.  Our system affords our clients the greatest niche density per linear foot, as well as the greatest niche density per cubic foot.  Whether your project will only require one columbarium, or several columbaria over decades, Homecoming’s columbarium system will maximize your niche count for your given space.




A columbarium must be durable.  The material used to make our Garden Niche™ far outpaces the durability of materials used for other columbarium systems, such as cement fiberboard, concrete, steel, etc. (please inquire about our comparative analysis).

The niche material is non-corrosive and cannot rust.  The design of the niche and the material used allow the columbarium system to maintain structural integrity while under great force/strains, such as ground shift, settling, etc.



Providing a secure niche offers peace of mind for family members.  Homecoming’s Garden Niche™ is the most resistant to vandalism/unauthorized entrance.  The niche accent frame is secured with Torx tamper-resistant screws.  The screws, and their drivers, are specially ordered directly from the manufacturer.  These are the same fasteners used in correctional facilities.

Niches in other columbarium systems can be accessed by tools that are readily available at a local hardware store.  This could possibly create a security issue.


Design Freedom

With Homecoming’s Garden Niche™ you can create  any niche configuration (number of niches high by number of niches wide).  The niches are molecularly welded to meet each client’s specific configuration.  While this may be considered “custom” by others, Homecoming simply considers this customer service.  We value the partnership we create with each client and we refuse to impose “custom” charges for requesting specific niche configurations.

Homecoming’s columbarium system is the most popular among architects.  We are proud to be considered the default columbarium provider by over 30 architects across the country that, when asked by clients to design a columbarium project, turn to Homecoming as the columbarium provider for their projects.



Element Resistance

Our niche is injected-molded and therefore it is seamless.   This eliminates element encroachment.  Additionally, the material used for our columbarium niche is non-porous and thus repels water, eliminating absorption into the niche cavity. This material ensures that the niche material will never have mold issues, which can be a problem with other materials used for columbarium construction (cement fiberboard and other cement-based materials).