Our Garden Niche

A columbarium provides permanent and safe repose and our columbarium is uniquely designed to address the changing terrain of deathcare. Our Garden Niche™ established Homecoming as a leader in innovation starting forty years ago and continuing through today.

We at Homecoming are committed to offering the best niche in the industry. With this inventive spirit, we made use of today’s technology, materials, and methods in creating a columbarium niche that looks toward the future. 

Our model offers flexibility in design without the need for “custom-built” prices. We use ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymer) which is the only thermodynamic plastic that can be reheated and recycled. As a result, we have the most durable niche on the market, made to withstand both time and weather without sacrificing beauty.

  • Strength
  • Privacy
  • Space-efficiency
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Design Flexibility
  • Element Resistance
  • Cost-Saving


Our products and services save you money every step of the way. Our space-efficient model helps maximize the profitability of every available space. 

We offer Continuing Service for both our columbaria and memorial walls. This option is available without obligation to our clients and promises timely and affordable service for any ongoing care needs - engraved memorial facing stones, engraved urns, and more

Additionally, the durability of our model means less upkeep over time to maintain lasting beauty. This same strength and durability provides the best protection from weather and other "stressors" that can impact the longevity of columbaria. 

As a mission-driven company, we are committed to keeping costs down for our clients to help increase the revenue our projects generate. We believe in making deathcare more accessible and affordable without losing the dignity or elegance of final placement or sacred repose. 

Design Flexibility

Our Garden Niche™ offers flexibility in design so we can work with just about any configuration (the number of niches high by the number of niches wide).

The niches are then molecularly welded to meet each specific configuration. This allows us to customize our units to fit each client's individual design without "custom-built" pricing. 

Additionally, we offer a variety of granite facing stone options so we can work with an existing aesthetic or establish an entirely new memorial garden design.

Our experienced team are here to help walk you through the design process and provide the information and tools to help you make the right decision for your memorial space. 


Space Efficiency

Space efficiency is one of the most common concerns when developing a columbarium project, but our space-saving niche allows us to work in any available location and to make best use of that space.

Homecoming's columbarium niche is the most space-efficient cremation niche available. Each niche can accommodate two industry-standard urns. Our system affords our clients the greatest niche density per linear foot, as well as the greatest niche density per cubic foot.

Whether your project will only require one unit, or several columbaria over decades, Homecoming’s columbarium system will maximize your niche count for any given space.


Our columbarium niche is made of engineered, injection-molded ABS plastic. It is designed to exceed industry standards and outperforms all other materials used to fabricate columbaria today.

In addition to the flexural strength of our materials, each exterior niche wall has two (2) structural ribs. These ribs, or ligaments, act as contact points when being molecularly welded to other niches (to create the columbarium) and allow the niches to be aligned within .005” per connection. This ensures that the niches in every columbarium will maintain perfect alignment while strengthening the each individual unit.

The combination of the material used to create the niche and the overall design of the columbaria affords our clients the strongest, most durable niche in the industry.

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Whether indoors or outdoors, a columbarium must be durable to withstand the effects of both time and weather. The material used to make our Garden Niche™ far outpaces the durability of other materials used for other columbarium systems, such as cement fiberboard, concrete, or steel.

Our niche is injected-molded using thermodynamic material and, therefore, they are both seamless and non-porous, which reduces element encroachment. They are non-corrosive and cannot rust. They will never have the mold issues or structural deterioration associated with other commonly-used materials. 

Additionally, the design of the niche allows our columbarium units to maintain structural integrity while under great duress, such as ground shift or settling, and makes it possible to relocate units if the need were to arise. 

One of our goals is to dramatically reduce the need for ongoing maintenance. That means our products have to be resistant to the weathering caused by water and, well, weather.