A little more about our history...

Homecoming is a mission-driven, family-owned and operated company founded in 1984.

Our founder, a former funeral director and minister’s son, sought to return final placement and memorialization to communities in order to increase the affordability, accessibility, and dignity of deathcare. He brought experience as a funeral-industry professional into the unique design of our columbarium and memorial wall systems. 

Homecoming was established with the mission of establishing endowments for churches and other communities by providing a columbarium system that maximizes profitability while minimizing upkeep - all without sacrificing quality or elegance. 

Our goal is to increase affordable, accessible, and dignified final placement options by working with communities and, in turn, establishing an ongoing endowment for those same communities. 

We at Homecoming believe and engage in ethical business practices. That extends from everything to where we source materials to how we treat our employees and clients. 

After 40 years in operation, we've continued to stand by those principles with the hundreds of clients we've had the privilege of serving. 

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