Memorial + Donor Wall Systems

Much like our columbaria, we approached memorial wall design with an eye on innovation. Our unique memorial wall systems allow for flexibility in design, ease of care, and lasting beauty. 

Our memorial walls are designed to fit each individual space and include our easy-install framing system. We offer a variety of granite options and can work to match an existing aesthetic or establish an entirely new design. 

Ease of care is a priority for us. First, we make installation as simple as possible and follow that up with easy ongoing care. Our memorial wall systems attach to existing walls easily and securely. 

With clean and consistent lines, our memorial wall system offers a complete visual aesthetic. Each system comes with a complete set blank granite memorial plaques rather than allowing unassigned spaces to stand "vacant." With most other options, the memorial wall only looks complete when it's "full" which can take years.

When a new memorial plaque requires placement, simply remove the blank plaque and replace it with the engraved plaque. There is no risk of misaligned placement or uneven grout lines. 

A memorial wall can be a stand-alone feature or an additional complement to your columbarium system. With both options in place, everyone can find memorialization, regardless of the time of death or place of interment. Families with members who might have alternative final placement plans can still receive memorialization in a space shared with their loved ones. 

We offer Continuing Service for our memorial wall systems to ensure our clients have access to affordable, reliable, and timely service for engraved memorial plaques without any obligation. It's just there if clients want it. And, honestly, most folks do use this option because it is more affordable, reliable, and timely than other options out there. 


Yesterday’s Memorial Wall System

The traditional method for developing a memorial wall would be to designate an existing wall (or construct a new wall) as the place to mount plaques intended to memorialize loved ones. Upon the passing of a loved one, you would permanently adhere a plaque to the memorial wall using an adhesive material. Until all the plaques are in place, the wall looks incomplete. And, with time, the adhesive can wear away causing plaques to fall and break. 

What We Do Differently

  • With our unique framing system, memorial plaques can be easily replaced using a special driver to remove the screws and accent frame. No risk someone is going to stick up a plaque all weird one day and ruining it for everybody else.
  • Companion plaques can be updated after initial placement. If an individual is seeking placement for their spouse, they can find memorialization for their loved one and then updated at a later time when a companion plaque is needed.
  • Family members are able to reserve several plaques that are adjacent to each other rather than receiving available placement at time of need.
  • Our design options allow us to customize each design to meet our clients' individual wants and needs.

Let's Get Specific

Our Memorial Wall System is made of Aluminum 5052 (this is the same material used for aircraft structures) which is the highest-strength alloy (non-heat-treatable) and possesses a high resistance to marine atmosphere and saltwater corrosion.

Once fabrication is complete, and your memorial wall system passes its final fabrication quality control test, it will be powder coated. We offer several different color and texture choices for our framing system, in addition to our many granite options. 

Our memorial plaques are made of natural stone, usually granite, to create a dignified and lasting memorial. We have several stone options and can source additional granite based on client need and availability. 

We can create our memorial wall systems in a variety of configurations (number of plaques wide by number of plaques high) to offer additional design flexibility. 

Our memorial wall systems were designed to exist alongside our columbaria and share a cohesive visual design, but our wall systems have become increasing popular as a stand alone option for institutions that cannot support onsite final placement.