Embraced as an integral part of a memorial garden, the Memorial Wall recognizes loved ones that have come before us – regardless of time of death or place of interment.

Our Memorial Wall System (patent pending) has revolutionized the memorial wall concept. Our system will enhance the beauty of your project, while making it truly inclusive. With its clean lines, the Memorial Wall System can be a stand-alone feature or it can be installed to complement your columbarium. Families will truly appreciate the value that our system adds, allowing everyone, regardless of time of death or place of interment, to be a part of the project.


traditional-mem-wallYesterday’s memorial wall system

The traditional method for developing a memorial wall would be to designate an existing wall (or construct a new wall) as the place to mount plaques intended to memorialize loved ones. Upon passing of a loved one, you would permanently adhere a plaque to the memorial wall using an adhesive material. The plaques would be mounted left-to-right, row-by-row.


This method had many challenges:

  • Memorial plaques that are permanently mounted (adhered) to a wall make it unable for you to offer companion plaques unless both spouses pass at the same time, or the surviving family members wait until both spouses have passed before they order the memorial plaque.
  • The removal of memorial plaques that are permanently mounted (adhered) to a memorial wall in order to engrave the second name will almost always result in breakage of the memorial plaque and/or damage to the memorial wall surface. The removal of plaques often results in costly repairs to the wall.
  • Family members are unable to reserve several plaques that are adjacent to each other.
  • It is incredibly difficult to mount plaques in a level fashion and to create exact, even spacing throughout the life of the wall. Many families will wish to reserve several memorial plaque spaces together in order to have all family memorials close to each other. If this is allowed, you will need to account for the reserved memorial plaques (and spacing between memorial plaques) and reserve that space on the wall. You will then mount the next ordered memorial plaque. With this process, there will inevitably be errors in measuring that will result in poorly spaced plaques once reserved plaques are ordered and mounted.

Today’s memorial wall system

Our Memorial Wall System is made of Aluminum 5052 (this is the same material used for aircraft structures). This is the highest strength alloy (non heat-treatable) and possesses a high resistance to marine atmosphere and salt water corrosion.

Once fabrication is complete, and your memorial wall system passes its final fabrication quality control test, it will be powder coated. We offer several different color and texture choices that can be applied to finish your system, allowing you to complement an existing color scheme or create an exciting new look!

The memorial plaques are made of natural stone: polished granite (for exterior use); and polished marble (for interior use). We chose natural stone for all of our memorials, as this material provides the richest, most dignified look. We have several granite and marble options from which our clients may choose.

We can manufacture our memorial wall systems in a variety of configurations (number of plaques wide by number of plaques high), allowing you to choose a configuration that will best meet your memorial needs.

Memorial Wall System

Memorial Wall SystemOne of the first questions a client will ask is “How many plaques should our system contain?” Over the years, we have conducted extensive surveys of clients that operate a columbarium and memorial wall, trying to determine the factors that will affect the number of memorial plaques a given project will need. The results have revealed several factors that play a direct role in determining the appropriate number of plaques for your memorial wall system.

The system was designed to be complementary in appearance to our Garden Niche™ columbarium system. This allows the memorial wall to be recognized as an integral part of the project.

There are also many factors that need to be considered when determining the location of your memorial wall system. We can work with you to find the most appropriate location on your property. Once you have decided to move forward with a memorial wall plaque system please contact Homecoming to discuss the factors that will help best determine the size of your system. We can work closely with you to create a system that will best suit the demographics associated with your project.

Memorial Wall System